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Some of our treatments include. . .

CAD-CAM Restorations

In 2015 Dental on Metro is incorporating the latest in CAD-CAM milled on-site glass restorations. The theory of these restorations is that remaining weak tooth structure becomes bonded as one to the final milled restoration, increasing the strength of the tooth as a whole. Our technology is based on a highly accurate 3D laser scan of your prepared tooth. State of the art design software assists in a proposal for the defect. This is then milled in approximately 12 minutes from a solid block of colour matched Porcelain, Emax, Zirconia or other hybrid materials depending on the application. The restorations blend in seamlessly and are accurate down to a number of microns.

The benefits of glass (porcelain) restorations are:

  1. Very similar to your natural enamel (i.e. non-plastic, and non-metallic)
  2. No setting shrinkage (as with composite resin) or setting expansion (as with metallic restorations)
  3. Permanently colour stable
  4. Replacing unsightly metal
  5. Super strong
  6. Can substitute for conventional crowns
  7. Performed in one day


Who’s suitable? If you have ever been told that you could need a crown, or if you have large old perished amalgam (metallic) or composite resin restorations in your teeth, then milled glass restorations may be a less expensive and more conservative alternative to conventional crowning.

The cost? Milled restorations are able to be claimed on all health insurances. Where teeth are suitable, these restorations are cheaper than conventional crowning


If you would like to be assessed for your suitability for CAD-CAM milled restorations then take advantage of our initial gap-free consultation including cleaning, fluoride and x-rays for all clients with dental extras cover.