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Some of our treatments include. . .

CAD-CAM Restorations

In 2015 Dental on Metro is incorporating the latest in CAD-CAM milled on-site glass restorations. The theory of these restorations is that remaining weak tooth structure becomes bonded as one to the final milled restoration, increasing the strength of the tooth as a whole. Our technology is based on a highly accurate 3D laser scan of your prepared tooth. State of the art design software assists in a proposal for the defect. This is then milled in approximately 12 minutes from a solid block of colour matched Porcelain, Emax, Zirconia or other hybrid materials depending on the application. The restorations blend in seamlessly and are accurate down to a number of microns.

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Children's Dental Care

As family Dental Care is at the core of our philosophy at Dental on Metro, we are bulk billing all kids who are eligible for the new Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

Dental on metro provides Gap Free check-ups for all children up to and including 16 years of age.  Children will also receive a complimentary oral hygiene pack at their first visit.

We recommend check-ups commencing as soon as most of the deciduous (baby) teeth have erupted.  For most kids this is around 2 years old.

We provide orthodontic assessment for all kids and will provide orthodontic referrals where required and work in conjunction with orthodontists to assist your child through orthodontic care.

Our principal dentist has previously worked exclusively with children and is also a father.  We also have a child friendly practice with TV on the ceiling with child appropriate viewing available.



Dental on Metro uses the fastest tooth whitening system available.  No lasers or heat lamps are required.

Pola Office+ from SDI is available for one hour ‘in clinic’ whitening or customisable home whitening treatments including 45 minute day/evening applications, or overnight applications.

The neutral pH of Pola Office+ ensures maximum comfort during and after treatment.  The shorter treatment time results in less patient discomfort and lower post-whitening sensitivity.

No seperate desensitiser is required.  Pola Office+ has unique built-in desensitising properties that inhibit post whitening sensitivity.  Potassium nitrate, the key pain-reducing ingredient, penetrates the nerve endings by blocking transmission of sensitive nerve impulses to provide a calming effect.  Furthermore new Pola Office+ also contains Fluoride to strengthen the enamel.

Enquire at Dental on Metro about your suitability for whitening with Pola Office+

Cosmetic Veneering

Dental Veneering is a permanent treatment that can be used to correct the colour, shape and alignment of your natural teeth.  The Dental veneers are fine shells of porcelaine custom made by a technician, that replace your own discoloured enamel.

Because porcelaine has very similar properties to dental enamel, the end result is amazingly natural.  Modern shade matching allows an amazingly natural bright white smile.

Dental veneers can be claimed under most dental extra’s cover and are usually a simple two appointment procedure.

See this link for before and after photos of dental veneering. 


Dental on Metro provide permanent shade matched, tooth coloured filling materials using only the most well-known and reputed TGA approved materials and techniques.

Our filling materials are mecury free and we will generally endeavour to always treat a broken tooth at your first presentation.

Dental on Metro will happily provide an estimate of the costs of fillings and can also provide an itemised list of treatment if you wish to enquire to your private health insurer about elligibility.

Gum Care

Dental on Metro have an important emphasis on gum care. 

We provide single operator, single visit gum care that does not require yuo to wait for a hygeinist.

We use gentle adjustable ultrasonic equipment for cleaning, so that we can clean to your comfort levels.  Furthermore, we can also provide local anaesthesia for clients with highly sensitive teeth.

Dental on Metro will advise you with respect to your gum health and provide helpful tips for improving your oral hygeine.

Crown and Bridge Work

Get rid of your old parital denture !  Dental on Metro can assist with cosmetic crowning and permanent replacement of your missing teeth.

Our Principal Dentist has 20 years of crwon and bridge experience and takes a special interest in this area of work.  All of our crown and bridge work is carefully hand-made and guarenteed.

At Dental on Metro we will listen to your concerns and are focussed from the beginning on the final outcome.

For extensive crown and bridge work, significant discounts of up to 20% are available.

Please enquire to Dental on Metro about our affordable, high quality crown and bridge services.

Sports Mouth Guards

Dental on Metro provide Modern laboratory-made sports mouth guards in huge varieties of colours including two or three colours where requested.  Further more our sports mouth guards are ‘bilaminate’ – meaning they are tough on the outside, but soft and comfortable on the inside.