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Recent Completed Courses


25/8/14 – New Horizons Education Day

Guest speaker: John F Weston DDS lectures nationally and internationally, publishes articles and evaluates new dental products. Dr Weston is a key opinion leader for multiple dental companies and has been practicing in La Jolla for the past 20 years with an emphasis in non-metal reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry. He is owner and director of ‘Scripps Centre for Dental Care’. A unique multi-specialty dental centre located At Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla CA

14/2/14 – Excellence in Orthodontics and Orofacial Orthodpaedics

The EODO has been set up to promote post-graduate courses for fixed and removable orthodontic appliances. This course also focuses on the diagnosis and treatment planning of tempero-mandibular joint dysfunction and dentofacial orthopaedic patients.

22/5/14 – New Horizons Specialist Group; Non-metallic cosmetic restoration

Education day emphasising the expanding role of Digital Dentistry including treatment planning, scanning, designing and placement of same day glass restorations manufactured with CAD-CAM.

28/4/14 – Ian Bills Implant Mentorship Program

The commencement of an ongoing mentorship role with one of Adelaide’s Leading Implant specialists, consisting of clinical and theoretical aspects of implant planning and implant related treatment protocols.

17/1/13 – Asia Pacific Dental Forum 2013

The most up-to-date clinically relevant evidence-based information in lectures and workshops devoted to topics of special importance in clinical practice. • Treatment planning for the lower edentulous ridge – the removable approach • Maxillary sinus elevation: 32 years of evolution • All Ceramic Restorations – Clinical performance over 20 years • Minimally invasive Horizontal and Vertical Augmentation Preserving the Ridge Biology • Is the mandibular block passe • Implant supported full arch Zirconia Based Fixed Prostheses • Oral Cancer Awareness for the General Practitioner • State of the Art reconstruction of endodontically treated teeth • CAD/CAM Veneering • Virtual Restorative Design

21/9/12 – CPD Dent – University of Adelaide – What’s new in Dental Therapeutics

An introduction to the latest Dental Therapeutic Guidelines • Antibiotic Prophylaxis • Pain Management

11/8/12 – CPD Dent – University of Adelaide Dental Practice Update

The role of Advanced Imaging in Odontogenic Pathology • Successful Occlusal Splints • TMJ Disorders • Dental Management of Medically Compromised Children • Coordinating the Surgical-Laboratory Interface to Optimise Plannign and Treatment Outcomes with Dental Implants • Invasive Resorption • Sedation Techniques for Children

3/4/09 – Gilles Plains Centre for Dental Studies – Panoramic Radiography Course

Licence for orthopantomographs