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My Remote Work

My most adventurous year in dentistry was 1996 which I spent in the remote Torres Strait.  My job was with Queensland health.  The Torres Strait (above the tip of Far North Queensland) consists of about 80 islands, 14 of which are inhabited with a combined population of about 4,500 people.  ‘Base camp’ for us was Thursday Island or T.I. as we referred to it.   My job consisted on getting a pile of dental consumables and a portable (screw together) dental chair vacuum packed on a palette.  I would fly in on 8 seater aircraft while the equipment was barged from Island to Island, hopefully getting there before I did.  The islands population, young and old were all taken through the single medical aid post that was also shared by visiting doctors, midwives and other health professionals.  The locals just referred to me as ‘Dentist’.   The hurdles to good dental care in remote Australia has cast a perspective on my employment ever since.   Computers, CAD-CAM, digital x-rays … how easy I have it now.