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Why you should bring kids for checkups!

It is encouraging in our practice to see the migration of kids in for school holiday’s dental check-ups.

I write this month’s article about a common kids scenario, that can be avoided with regular check-ups.

Imagine … as general rule, a lot swings at the dentist for children upon the necessity of having an anaesthetic injection (needle) for treatment.   In many cases, no needle equals ‘cooperate’, needle equals ‘no cooperate’.

As a second general rule, if a child’s presenting reason at the dentist is persisting pain because of large cavity, they are likely to need the needle!

These two rules may not be rocket science, however, ‘No cooperate’ , usually means ‘no treatment’ which means ‘no pain relief’.  This can result in a very urgent situation, including the need for referral for hospital treatment under general anaesthetic.

This common scenario can take parents by surprise, and although we would always undertake to avoid this extreme outcome, the best way to avoid it is simply with regular dental check-ups. 

Dental decay tends to grow rapidly in kids after it is established.  Six monthly checks will ensure that cavities are found and treated while they are small and before they cause pain.

If you have any dental extras cover, kids check and cleans incur no gap payment until there 17th birthday!  We also bulk bill the medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme.  Give us a ring!