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Root Canal Treat or Extract?

The poor souls who have been in this dreadful predicament will tell you that having to make this high pressure on-the-spot decision, often while still in pain, sleep deprived and intoxicated on pain killers, is a dilemma.

We are generally poorly informed as members of the public.  We think back to what our parents and friends told us about root canal treatment ‘it’s painful’, ‘it doesn’t work’ , ‘I had to have my tooth pulled out anyway’, ‘it’s expensive’, ‘it took 10 visits’.

To assist you with this all too common and unfortunate life experience, before the event, here is some help.   Root canal treatment is one of the treatments that has truly been through a revolution in the last decade.

Local Anaesthesia is better than it used to be.  We understand how to minimise or completely remove any pain from the process.

Advancements in metal technology have allowed the development of automatic rotary technology.  This single development has created huge improvements in the area of rapid pain relief, and effective root canal treatments with minimal appointments (in many cases only two).  The failure rate using modern equipment has reduced enormously.

Little known is that implant replacement of teeth is very often less satisfactory and a lot more expensive than just keeping the one you have.

More than anything, what you need when in this predicament is a crystal clear, honest conversation with your dentist that addresses your personal circumstances.  All of this makes it easier for you to keep your teeth right where they are.

Providing emergency treatment in a modern, caring environment is at the forefront of our mission at Dental on Metro.  We have after hours appointments.