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Two Front Teeth for Christmas?

All I want for Christmas is ….

Don’t get into teeth trouble at Christmas!

If only Santa really could bring us our two front teeth for Christmas (or maybe two back ones if required). 

It’s lovely to begin to wind down at this time of the year, and we all pause for thought about how fortunate we are in such a peaceful and beautiful country and also to think about those who are worse off.  But look out because many Dentists also wind down at Christmas!

And every year the emergency phone rings throughout Christmas day and the public holidays as folks troll through the Yellow Pages, sifting through trying to find an open Dentist to stop there pain or fix their broken tooth!

There is much to be said for a Comprehensive Check-up prior to the Christmas season, where Dentists Christmas closures and long waiting times start to choke up the ability to get a check-up.

Remember that most health insurances dental extras cover renew their claiming limits on January 1st, so there is much to be said for using this year’s claiming limit before it simply expires, unused.

Has it been a while since you had a Check-up?  Is there a tooth that’s niggling? Don’t let dental problems spoil your Christmas break.  At Dental on Metro your first check, clean, fluoride and x-rays are gap-free with any dental extras cover.  We are welcoming new clients and look forward to seeing you.

Merry Christmas all from the team at Dental on Metro.