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Did you know . . . ?

Printing Teeth? CAD – CAM Dentistry

Yes.  And this will be available at Dental on Metro from 2015.  From 2015 Dental on Metro will be equipped CAD CAM driven 3D printing and milling of dental restorations.   Your teeth can be milled in clinic (at the chair-side while you wait) or if necessary emailed to the lab!

The capacity now exists for software to incorporate a 3D skull scan with 3D scans taken in the surgery in your mouth.  Dental implants, crowns and other restorations can be designed and placed virtually in software before they are placed in your mouths.  Accurate CAD CAM surgical guides transfer implants into the perfect position.  A computer designs new teeth or restorations to existing teeth.  They are either milled electronically from a solid block of porcelain and other cosmetic hybrid materials.  Some components are printed using laser sintering.  After quality control and sterilization they are sent back by e-Parcel and bonded in to your teeth, accurate down to less than the width of a human hair.  Better still smaller mills allow for onsite milling at the time of your dental appointment.  A typical dental restoration is milled in about 10 minutes.

Best still, this stuff is claimable on your dental extra’s cover (including BUPA) and is being incorporated at Dental on Metro.   This technology is great for replacing large old perished unsightly amalgam (metal) fillings.   Interested?  Ring us for a gap-free consult including x-rays, clean and fluoride treatment for clients with any dental extras cover.