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eNewsletter September

Footy finals the show and fine weather.  It always has a good feeling about it at this time of the year.  We hope this newsletter finds you all relaxed.

Dental on Metro is coming up to its third birthday this December.  The practice is really just being finished with concurrent use of our second operatory and the closing in of our amenities, the creation of a refresher station and increased stock carrying space.  The clinic is still able to double in size.  Over 100 new people every month are choosing to make Dental on Metro their dentist.


Are your insurance claiming limits sitting there unused? Remember that for most health insurances, you’re better off to use up your insurance entitlements within the calendar year.  This is because most insurance entitlements renew on January 1 (including BUPA).  Don’t let your premiums go to waste, find out whether your insurance entitlements are based on calendar year or financial year.  This is particularly important if you are claiming the more expensive ‘major’ dental such as crowns or root canal treatment.  If your ‘minor’ limit is used, it does not mean that your ‘major’ is used.  There is still plenty of time to get crowns in for this calendar year.  For any clients wishing to make an appointment or requiring a new cost estimate with item codes, please contact the clinic.


A Dental implant is a method for replacing single or multiple lost teeth.  As opposed to a bridge or a denture, and implant stands alone like the original tooth without the need to damage other healthy teeth.  Dental on Metro is now offering Dental Implant Restoration using the most common implant systems such as Noble Biocare.  We now have in place structured professional relationships with implant surgeons and are able to work collaboratively to provide successful long term solutions for anyone requiring dental implants. For more information on Dental Implants click here.


Due to family reasons, Sahani will soon be relocating overseas.  Sahani will be finishing with us at the end of September.   Sahani joined our practice one year ago and it will be sad to see her go.  We wish her the best in her future endeavours.  All client records remain with our practice and all of her clients will be provided with full continuity in their ongoing care.  Her position is currently advertised.


Dr Bertossa is phasing out Tuesday mornings and Phasing in an extra afternoon/evening on Wednesday.  Morning appointments will still be available with Dr Bertossa on Mondays and Thursdays.  Dr Bertossa is now consulting 4 days.

We look forward to seeing you.  Adios for now.