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A very common question at the Dentist.  Patients request this information when evaluating how worthwhile a treatment is given the cost, time and potential pain involved. 

But it’s a difficult question to answer given that the longevity of dental treatment is affected by so many local factors, for example, the size and position of a restoration, the strength of someone’s bite, individual anatomy, oral hygiene practices, gum disease, general health, smoking and diet.

A dentist’s responsibility is to practice with the utmost care given the circumstances.  A dentist should also discuss the likely outcome of various treatment options, placing you, the client, in a position to make an informed decision.  Remember a Dentist gains the most when he has happy patients.

As a general rule, dental filling material is best used when restoring small to medium size cavities.  In these situations it usually lasts quite well.    However if dental filling material is used to replace one third or more of a tooth, or where a tooth has been ‘root canal’ treated, filling material alone is much more likely to fail.  It can become a false economy to continue to replace it time after time.

Instead in this situation, you will seriously want to consider having a ‘crown’ of porcelain to strengthen the tooth.  A crown is a very strong and highly cosmetic restoration made in a laboratory. Though more expensive, the economy of a crown over time is much better than a filling that continues to fail.

Dental on Metro provide a full range of high quality crown and bridge work, without referral, at the most competitive prices in Adelaide.   We can beat or match any other quote provided.  If you think you need crown and bridge work, contact us!

Remember Adults with Dental Extra’s cover first check and clean is gap-free (includes x-rays).  Kids up to 16 years always gap-free!  We are BUPA members first providers. **

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