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Bad Breath? What Causes it?

Bad Breath, what causes it?

Bad breath is a common reason for presentation at the dentist.  It may have been mentioned sensitively by a partner or best friend.  Surprisingly in genuine cases of bad breath, the effected person is often unaware of the magnitude of the problem due to ‘acclimatisation’ to their own odour …

This is an embarrassing problem for the folks who have it, so what can trip to the Dentist do to help?

Most bad breath is caused by the waste products of bacteria in your mouth.  Bad breath is also exacerbated by dehydration, aromatic foods and mucous build ups due to nasal and sinus infections.

As the mouth is a warm, moist, nutrient rich environment it pretty well acts as an incubator for bacteria with more than one million bacteria living in every millilitre of normal saliva.   Colonies of bacteria form most often on the tongue, teeth and small pockets adjacent to your gum tissue.  Of course cavities in teeth are also a source of bad breath. Professional cleaning at the Dentist is targeted at removing these bacteria.

At Dental on Metro, we provide professional cleaning, tailored oral hygiene advice, and advice on tongue cleaning and mouthwashes that will all assist bad breath.  Your first visit is Gap-Free!  See our Gap Free offer.