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Sensitive Teeth?

This is a common complaint.  What does it mean?

Dentists take a lot of interest when a client says they have sensitive teeth.  Sensitive teeth can be the first sign of a problem with a tooth.   A Dentist can discern whether the sensitivity is ‘common’ sensitivity or if there is an underlying problem such as a cavity ….

Importantly, if there is an underlying problem it is important to have the problem fixed before a full tooth ache sets in.  Remember that if you wait until you have a toothache, this usually means that a root canal treatment is required increasing the time and expense involved in the treatment.

This is why if you have sensitive teeth, it is important to get them checked!  Early symptoms like sensitivity can often be resolved with easier treatments such as a filling.

Even common sensitivity can be assisted by a trip to the Dentist.  A Dentist can seal and veneer over tooth brush wear near the gum line and advise you about desensitising toothpastes and mouthwashes.

If you are concerned about sensitive teeth – come and get a check-up.  For clients with Dental Extras cover Dental on metro provide a check, clean, fluoride and x-rays gap -free for your first visit.  Contact us for details.